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FIC: The Interview (Seth/Ryan)

The Interview
by S_Star

The characters in The O.C. aren't mine. I don't think they'd be suitable for primetime TV if they did the things I imagine...
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Seth/Ryan, discussion of past Seth/Summer
Summary: A magazine article about Seth Cohen following the release of his first novel. Implied slash, Seth/Ryan.
Beta: minnow_53, who also came up with the headline.
AN: This is my first completed O.C. fic, although I have at least 17 in progress (that may never be finished). It's inspired by a line from an interview I read with Fearne Cotton in a weekend newspaper supplement, and is probably proof that I will never become a journalist.
I also want to apologise in advance for any British-isms: this has been checked to make sure it's American enough, so any errors can be blamed on me alone. And on my parents for raising me in England.
Written for The OC Season 4 Advent Challenge, with the keywords blue, curve, melancholy, maelstrom and whip.

( Fake Cut: The Interview )
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