Jessi (fullonswayzeed) wrote in aworldcolliding,

Ryan/Seth drabble.

Title: Escape Route.
Author: Jessi_Br00t4l
Characters: Seth/Ryan.
Warnings: Boy kisses & language.
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: I don't own Ryan or Seth or The OC, if I did, it wouldn't have ended.

This was most definitely minty, and here sat the crackerjack, comic book, intellectual master of a sage with no clue what to do next. He could just run away, Seth could just turn on his heel, take a cue from the flash, and sprint the hell out of the pool house. Oh, goddamn this poolhouse, nothing but bad had ever come of it. Stupid Summer in her Wonder Woman costume - stupid Ryan and his declarations of undeniable love and mintyness. A million thoughts must have rolled in and out of his head by now. Wait, did thoughts roll? If thoughts made any sort of motion, Seth was sure it'd be rolling - like wheels or bread or balls. Oh god, do not think about balls. How long had it been now since he hadn't said anything? Ryan's eyes were all pools of brooding blue cuteness and Seth knew his face was all duurrrr. He needed an escape route, he tried to look at anything but Ryan - but oh Ryan, so cute and great and almost his brother. Oh ew. Seth was thinking too much.

"Seth, you're thinking too much," Ryan accused him in that low, so damn sexy, sultry tone.

So Seth decided on a plan, and kissed Ryan again.

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