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Links to previous stories

Okay, this is my 3rd post in a row, so I apologise for that.... but I said I'd repost stuff I've already done so here are the links to my livejournal. They're in chronological order, so I'm hoping the later ones reflect some better writing..... :-)


My first fic - I'm kind of meh about this one, it seems v OTT. But I was just jumping on the Seth/Ryan love train at that point so was embracing the angst!! No Words

An alternative ending to Season 1: Stay

A severely AU story written for a challenge to write a Seth/Ryan/Adam/Ben story. Just go with it! Kissing Clones

Work in progress - except I keep getting distracted by other things.... No Release

An alternative ending to 301: The Aftermath A Goodbye Between Brothers

And just for fun.... Spatulas and Chihuahas


A different take on The Premiere, set to 3 Doors Down's Duck and Run: Welcome to The OC

A video inspired by 307 The Anger Management, set to Coldplay's Fix You

A "movie trailer" for The OC (slash of course):

My latest piece is in the post below this one.

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